Glitter. Made from plants,
not plastic.

Biodegradable guilt-free glitter helps humans shine brighter while being conscious caretakers of our planet.

We absolutely love glitter. It is small in physical size, but hugely powerful in the magic it brings. A tiny bit of sparkle can create immense joy: it invites our inner child out to play; it raises our collective energy; it can light up a whole room!

But we have felt guilty before for indulging in some sparkly fun - knowing that those teeny tiny bits of plastic would be around forever, ending up in the ocean and polluting our marine ecosystem.

GLITTEREVOLUTION was born to bridge the inner split between ecstatic glitter lovers and guilt-ridden Earth lovers. 

GlitteRevolution is a conscious business devoted to providing an Earth-safe alternative to traditional plastic glitter. We want to see to it that people can enjoy all the sparkle, with zero guilt. Please help us share the plant-based glitter love!