Hawaiian Soaking Salts - 12oz

North Shore Soap Factory

$ 15.00 


Are you ready to bathe in a tropical oasis? Hawaiian Bath & Body's Soaking Salts for the bath are scented with aromatherapy blends of fragrance and pure essential oils.  Hawaiian Bath & Body's combination of Hawaiian sea salt and Epsom minerals and baking soda help soothe stressed muscles while you drift away to paradise among scents of the island.

Pikake is the sweet and aromatic “Wedding flower”. Each tiny bud is hand picked for its perfection, strung one by one and worn like a strand of pearls, “…on this, your wedding day.”

Lavender and mint essential oils are a beautiful balance of calming and invigorating, to help reduce stress and increase alertness.

Hawaiian Mango fragrance blend renews the island spirit within you! 

Plumeria's sweet, iconic fragerance reminds of Hawaiian leis and tropical breezes.

Soaking Bath Salts Key Ingredients:

Sea Salt: Sea Salt helps soothe various skin conditions like dry, itchy skin as well as symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. By opening your pores, a warm salt bath helps your skin absorb the natural minerals in Sea Salt which can alkalize your body, balance your electrolytes (great for athletes!) and help ease symptoms of tendonitis and osteoarthritis.

Epsom Salt: Rich in magnesium and sulfate, an Epsom Salt bath lets the body absorb these minerals through your skin benefiting your joints, digestive tract, brain tissue and circulation.

Sodium Bicarbonate: Baking Soda softens and cleanses skin. Natural and free of any harsh chemicals, it has beneficial antibacterial and antiseptic properties.